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About Two Roads Software

Two Roads Software was founded by innovators in the financial industry who have been solving financial compliance issues for over 25 years. As former traders, registered representatives, and C-level executives of broker-dealer firms, we know the compliance problem, and understand the pain-points that compliance departments deal with on a day-to-day basis.

With this expertise, we have harnessed the power of trans-industry technology to create OBSERV, a compliance solution that delivers unmatched accuracy.

OBSERV is a context-aware financial compliance tool. OBSERV allows financial firm compliance officers to detect, flag, and investigate compliance issues with greater accuracy. Built-in regulations help officers track FINRA and SEC-specific violations. By combining superior accuracy and a simple user interface, OBSERV is the most efficient way to stay on top of compliance.

Our global staff works 24/7 to refine our services using state-of-the-art, machine-learning technology that improves exponentially with each use. We enable companies to make the most of the data they own, and improve the data they collect in the future. With Two Roads Software, your shareholders are protected so your company can focus on the road ahead.

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Why Choose Two Roads Software

A.I. Pioneers

Our state-of-the-art A.I. platform powers our solutions and provides accurate and intelligent results. It learns with each use, and is adaptable to a variety of different needs and use cases. Over time, our platform refines its algorithms to work specifically with your data, meaning more accurate results for you and your company.

Adaptable Technology

Our technology is ready to be applied to many different verticals such as the pharmaceutical, financial compliance, or legal industries.  With a business model revolving around SaaS (Software as a Service), Two Roads Software is able to provide adaptable cloud-based solutions that address crucial issues of data redundancy, IT expenditures, and maintenance costs. 


Two Roads Software is led by a global staff with over three decades of software experience working for the largest financial firms in the world. Our experience has taught us that precision, reliability, and security trump all else. We apply all three values to every aspect of our software and infrastructure.


The most sophisticated technology is only valuable if it is accessible. Our products are designed for optimal user experience. We use industry-specific beta testers to ensure that workflows are intuitive and that essential features are prominent and easy to use.