OBSERV: e-discovery


OBSERV email monitoring

OBSERV is an intelligent e-surveillance and e-discovery solution developed by broker-dealers for broker-dealers to address the challenges of compliance monitoring and audits in FINRA and SEC regulated financial institutions.

OBSERV e-discovery is powered by our proprietary data analysis platform, enabling it to understand the meaning and context of each communication. When preparing for a regulatory audit the artificial intelligence and natural language-processing capabilities of OBSERV identify potential violations and reveal areas of risk. Additionally OBSERV e-discovery can be utilized to identify communications related to each specific case.

OBSERV e-discovery solution is available on-demand. This means a quick setup and no commitment. Simply create an account, upload your file and start gaining insight into your firms communication.

Benefits E-discovery

  • Audit Preparedness
  • Investigate in depth and quickly understand your data with OBSERV advanced data mining capabilities.

  • Identify Potential Violations
  • Use predictive coding technology to find responsive messages in a few clicks.

  • On-demand E-discovery
  • Create a secure account, upload your data, and start using our web based e-discovery solution. No complex deployment. No commitment.

  • E-surveillance and E-discovery Integrations
  • OBSERV’s smooth integration of both modules makes data analysis more efficient and more productive. Modules are available either together or separately.