Mission and Values


“Two Roads Software helps people navigate the new world of information overload.”



Two Roads Software believes that technological innovation contributes to human progress. We value both the big leaps for mankind and the subtle and essential behind-the-scenes discoveries that make them possible. At Two Roads we understand that patents and trademarks have value for a company, but we also see value in social innovation and the sharing of ideas in the name of broader human progress.  We recognize the stepping stones of innovation and believe that shared knowledge is the key to progress for our customers and for the advancement of society as a whole.

High Performance

Two Roads Software was founded on the principle that low-latency and highly-responsive software is the standard to maintain and always improve upon.  Software today is often touted as powerful and self-sufficient, yet when you dig you find that the true performance is not based on the software but on the assumption that you will continually add hardware. Our software integrates seamlessly into the pre-existing hardware of a given environment and avoids the “noise” introduced by tools that may simplify coding but hurt responsiveness.


Two Roads Software believes that data security is not only beneficial to your business, it is an asset in of itself. The era of big data presents many opportunities for companies to leverage their data to make important decisions. TRS partners with leaders in the field of security and privacy practices in order to provide our customers with the safest environment for their information. TRS spares no expense to ensure that your data is secure at all times.

Socially Responsible

Two Roads Software believes in the development of sustainable careers for individuals both domestically and worldwide.  Our diverse team includes experts from India, France, Belgium, Russia and the United States. In addition, since its inception in 2011, TRS has provided hard-working individuals in Laos and Cambodia with significant professional opportunities through Impact Sourcing with Digital Divide Data.  TRS supports career-development initiatives in our home town of New York City as well by training students from local universities, providing them with crucial skills at the outset of their careers.  We are committed to the future of our student-employees: all TRS interns have gone on to be hired by us directly or have been assisted in finding successful careers at top companies worldwide.